David Johnson Jr of Dura-Line | Power The Network Ep 4

This podcast covers MicroDuct technology and its benefits for fiber optic network builds. The host Tim Locker interviews David Johnson from Dura-Line about MicroDucts, which are small ducts bundled together into a product called Future Path. MicroDuct allows you to have multiple pathways to add fiber capacity over time, which provides long-term scalability and reduces the need to dig up roads repeatedly. It takes up less space than traditional conduit and has a special slick lining to reduce friction and allow longer cable jetting distances. The small size requires specialized cables and components, so proper training is critical. Dura-Line provides training resources through their Dura-Line Academy website to educate on proper MicroDuct installation and use. The podcast also covers the role of manufacturers reps like CBM in providing a full solution of compatible products to customers beyond just the pathway. Overall MicroDuct provides a flexible, scalable solution suitable for FTTx, 5G, smart cities, and other communication and utility builds.

Key Takeaways

  • MicroDuct allows you to install multiple small ducts (14mm or less) in a single bundle or conduit.
  • It provides unused pathways for future capacity expansion without repeated digging.
  • The small size takes less space but requires specialized micro-cables and components.
  • Proper training is critical as it differs from standard conduit methods.
  • Dura-Line offers training through their free online Dura-Line Academy.
  • Rep firms like CBM provide compatible MicroDuct solutions beyond just the pathway.
  • MicroDuct is ideal for FTTH, 5G, smart cities, utility broadband builds.  

MicroDuct allows you to build in long-term scalability and flexibility for fiber optic networks. While the small size requires some specialized methods, the ability to add capacity without repeated construction makes it an ideal solution for many applications. With proper training on installation and the right compatible components, MicroDuct provides a pathway to the future for communication and utility networks.

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