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CBM has taken pride in providing excellence in sales support and customer service to our customers and distribution partners since 1960. Knowledgeable staff provide effective and cost saving solutions to our customers.

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It's How Things Are Done

Founded in 1960 by Robert D. Cleaves, our roots were in the electric utility market in Kansas and Western Missouri. In the early 1970’s we branched into the telecommunications market in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas and Oklahoma. In the late 1970’s we branched into the Contractor & Industrial markets in Kansas and Western Missouri. In 1988 we established our Employee Owned Stock Plan. Today our ESOP trust owns 96% of our company stock. The balance of the stock is held by active CBM employees.

Through expansion and acquisition we grew into the successful firm we are today with 34 employee/owners covering Kansas, Missouri, Central/Southern Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Iowa and Nebraska. We hold our relationships with customers and principals very dearly, considering all to be important for our future.

CBM has committed to providing excellent sales support since 1960

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Serving Market Leaders

CBM is honored to represent the leading manufacturers in the markets we serve. The synergy of the products we sell adds value to both our customers and the companies we represent.

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Stuart Duncan, an account manager at CBM, Inc.

"When one of us celebrates an achievement, we all do."

I joined CBM in May of 2022, fresh out of graduate school with a little experience or knowledge of the utility industry and they welcomed me with open arms. CBM offers a plethora of guidance, support, and sense of belonging that instantly felt like home. We are also a member of the ESOP employee ownership program, empowering its employees to take charge of their contributions in the workplace. When one of us celebrates an achievement, we all do. CBM has a culture and environment that promotes success and engagement from all employees. Additionally, we hold a vital role in helping power our communities. The combination of a supportive environment, thriving industry, and work that truly matters solidifies that I made the right choice to join the CBM family.

- Stuart Duncan

Management and Administration

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