World Class Service from Enersys


Todd Johnson, PE, CPMR

Account Manager

September 14, 2020

World Class Service from Enersys

In addition to our superior product line of batteries we also offer superior service.  Enersys has more than 400 factory certified service technicians for your battery needs.  Below are a few key services we provide.

Battery Installation

Over 400 factory certified service technicians are available to you when replacing batteries.  By allowing Enersys to do a certified installation, you have the option for extended warranties on the batteries you purchase.  Contact CBM for more information and/or quote.

Battery Removal

In addition to certified technicians doing installation service, we can also provide scrap credit for recycling the batteries that are being replaced.  As the world’s leading industrial battery manufacturer, we recognize our obligation to lead the way in battery recycling. Along with our own batteries, the Enersys Battery Recycling program accepts batteries of all sizes, from all manufacturers.  Please consult your local CBM rep for more information.

Preventative Maintenance (PM)

Avoid costly downtime by letting Enersys do the Preventative Maintenance (PM) at your facility.  In addition to testing, we can provide you with the data to trend battery performance of your strings.  Our maintenance plans include onsite inspections, wireless monitoring devices, and cloud-based reporting tools for comprehensive performance analysis and data-based reporting. The resulting actionable intelligence will help you keep your operation running at peak performance.

Logistical Expertise

With many regional service centers around the country put us to the test.  For turnkey projects let our service technicians handle the staging for removal and installation of batteries.  Another benefit booking your install with us is we can ship the batteries to our service center and bring them to the job site for the install.  This saves time and space for staging batteries and handling them before the replacement begins.

Please review the short video below that provides additional information on our service capabilities and reach out to the contact info below for a bid:

World Class Service from Enersys

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Todd Johnson, PE, CPMR

Account Manager


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