Unleashing the Power of Orion SCADA


Will Tucker

Account Manager

April 9, 2024

Unleashing the Power of Orion SCADA

In the ever-evolving landscape of utility management, NovaTech's Orion SCADA emerges as the leader, offering a suite of advantages that redefine the way utilities operate. Let's explore why Orion SCADA is not just a system but a strategic investment for utilities of all sizes.

Features of Orion SCADA:

Going beyond traditional systems, Orion SCADA offers an array of features for accessing non-operational data:

  • System Overview Screens
  • Alarm Annunciation with Tile Annunciator
  • Sequence of Event Records
  • Remote Control Capabilities
  • Data Archive and Reporting
  • MultiSpeak Protocol
  • ICCP Protocol
  • Secure Access to Non-Operational Data
  • Animated IED Faceplates and Symbols

Orion SCADA's Distinct Edge: Compared to traditional SCADA systems, Orion SCADA offers several distinct advantages.

1. No Licensing Fees - The Cost-Effective Solution: Bid farewell to software licensing fees with Orion SCADA, offering a cost-effective solution that optimizes your operations and allocates resources where they matter most.

2.Maintenance Efficiency - Integrated System Upkeep: Streamlining maintenance, OrionSCADA entrusts the task to the same skilled personnel overseeing RTUs. This integrated approach ensures seamless and efficient system upkeep, minimizing downtime.

3.Extended Life Expectancy - Your Long-Term Partner: Looking for a long-term solution?Orion SCADA boasts an impressive life expectancy of at least 10 years when applied as a SCADA host, exemplifying a commitment to your utility's future.

4.Limitless Access - Comprehensive Operational Insights: Orion SCADA provides unparalleled flexibility, allowing SCADA pages to be effortlessly viewed from any Orion RTU in any substation. Gain comprehensive operational insights empowering your operators across the entire network.

5.Innovative Direct Video HMI Option - User-Friendly Experience: Experience the future of utility management with the Orion Direct Video option. Connect a monitor directly to the Orion for SCADA page viewing without the need for a PC, putting innovation at your fingertips.

6.Fault Record Access - Enhanced Diagnostic Capabilities: Orion RTU is designed for secure access to fault records from SEL® relays, offering enhanced diagnostic capabilities and secure engineering passthrough using relay manufacturers' configuration software.

7.Scalability and Cost-Effectiveness - Tailored for Your Utility: Adapting seamlessly to utility needs, Orion SCADA ensures scalability and a smaller initial investment. Whether managing three or thirty substations, the scalability and cost-effectiveness make it a tailored solution.

Make the switch to Orion SCADA now and set out on a path to unmatched operational excellence. NovaTech's dedication to cutting-edge solutions paves the way for amore intelligent and efficient utility future. The revolution kicks off withOrion SCADA.

Unleashing the Power of Orion SCADA

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Will Tucker

Account Manager


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In the ever-evolving landscape of utility management, NovaTech's Orion SCADA emerges as the leader, offering a suite of...

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