Todd Johnson - Employee Spotlight


Todd Johnson, PE, CPMR

Account Manager

April 16, 2021

Todd Johnson - Employee Spotlight

What skills do you bring to CBM that has helped you be successful?

Prior to joining CBM I was a Business Development Manager and worked with reps all over the country.  As I traveled with reps I was exposed to best practices and much of my rep mentoring began during my days of working for the factory.  In addition to learning many best practices from the reps I traveled with, I also have a large nationwide network of utility reps that I still lean on to this day.

Todd Johnson

Number of Years with CBM:


What is your role at CBM?

Account Manager

What gives you the most satisfaction working at CBM?

My passion is taking care of the customer and that is what gives me satisfaction in my role at CBM.  I want to be that rep that gets the first call from a customer struggling with an issue to see how we can help.  Becoming that go-to rep is what separates us as reps.  In reality, we are problem solvers, and resolving issues for customers is what gives me satisfaction.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of work?

With two teenage boys active in sports much of my free time is spent with them at soccer fields and basketball courts.  When we are at home my wife and I spend our time outdoors doing DIY projects around the house.  Recently I began streaming high school soccer games for the Greenbrier Panther Sports Network so families who can’t make their home games can watch from YouTube.

What is something that most people might not know about you?

Caught a Mako shark during a fishing trip in the Gulf of Mexico.  The cool part of the story is while reeling in a swordfish the Mako shark bit the swordfish in half at the surface.  While the Mako was enjoying the fish, all hands went on deck to hook the Mako, once hooked the fight began.  End of the day, the mako actually tasted better than the swordfish.

Todd Johnson - Employee Spotlight

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Todd Johnson, PE, CPMR

Account Manager


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