Siemens Compact Modular Recloser - A Quantum Leap in Tech


Michael Cortese

Account Manager

March 15, 2022

Siemens Compact Modular Recloser - A Quantum Leap in Tech

The Siemens Compact Modular Recloser (CMR) represents a quantum step forward in technology for cost-effectively improving the reliability of overhead medium-voltage networks. Addressing all the common problems of obsolete hydraulic reclosers, the CMR eliminates the need for regular maintenance and is designed to deliver 25 years of uninterrupted service life.

The innovative CMR is self-powered, using line-to-ground potential via a fully integrated resistor-capacitor chain power supply. This voltage-based self-powering ensures reliable operation on all networks, even with inconsistent or no line current. It enables significantly higher load and fault-current ratings in a smaller footprint and lower cost.

Back-up energy for the CMR is stored in a detachable battery module with long-life, rechargeable battery cells. With an expected lifespan of 8 years, the battery module is the only component needing routine maintenance and can be changed from the ground using the battery module attachment tool accessory.

A linemen installing a compact modular recloser (cmr) from siemens

A New Class of Auto-Recloser

The Compact Modular Recloser is a new class of intelligent auto-recloser.  The CMR features wireless connectivity, advanced protection and measurement capabilities, event logging, and load profiling with embedded microprocessor controls. The unique system design of the CMR provides fundamental protection and monitoring capabilities for single- and multi-phase recloser applications in urban and rural networks.

The CMR provides greater flexibility. For example, utilities can choose between pre-configured options as a drop-in alternative to a traditional hydraulic recloser or to self-configure the devices to take advantage of advanced protection, measurement, and logging features.

Most importantly, the fully insulated design of the Siemens Compact Modular Recloser improves safety and network reliability. In addition, no live components of the CMR are contactable by operators or wildlife.

At about 40 lbs., the CMR is surprisingly lightweight, and a wide variety of mounting options means it is fast and easy to install.

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CMR 38kv Flyer

Compact Modular Recloser Animation

CMR Crossarm Installation Video

Siemens Compact Modular Recloser - A Quantum Leap in Tech

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Michael Cortese

Account Manager


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