Prevent Pests Purchase the Polywater Pedfloor Plus


Adam Kealhofer, CPSC

Account Manger

January 4, 2021

Prevent Pests Purchase the Polywater Pedfloor Plus

Nothing can ruin your day faster than opening up a pedestal and discovering an unwanted intruder has made its home right there in the base.  Whether it is mice, rats, snakes, insects, or any other vermin, they can wreak havoc on your network both in the short and long term.  These pests can cause costly repairs, connectivity issues, and, most importantly, upset customers.  Luckily, there is a solution the Polywater Pedfloor Plus.

A pedastal without polwater pedfloor plus

Benefits of the Polywater Pedfloor Plus

Polywater Pedfloor Plus is one of the easiest and most effective ways to protect your fiber-optic network.  This open-cell foam is durable enough to prevent unwanted pests from entering enclosures. Despite its durability the seal still allows water and moisture to drain through.

Pedfloor Plus comes in a two-part burst seal bag. The bag design allows the user to combine the mixture in the packaging and then pour it into the base of a pedestal.  The foam adheres to the pedestal material and flows into difficult-to-reach areas.  The foam then expands and hardens to form a seal.  Although the foam creates a thorough seal, users can still introduce new ducts or cables after the foam has set.  The foam will also adhere to itself for future applications.

Users can easily prepare the pedestal base for the foam with a few inches of pea gravel.  The foam will seep into the pea gravel and make a barrier between unwanted pests and the foam, further securing the components within the pedestal.

A standard 410 mL burst pack will easily seal a standard BD5 pedestal and cover about 100 square inches at a 3-inch thickness.  Users can seal the base of a pedestal within 10 minutes.

A pedestal with Polwater Pedfloor Plus

Polywater Pedfloor Plus is one of the best ways to protect your investment by keeping pests out of where they don’t belong while still allowing unwanted water and moisture to escape.

To purchase the Polywater Pedfloor Plus contact us.

Prevent Pests Purchase the Polywater Pedfloor Plus

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Adam Kealhofer, CPSC

Account Manger


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