New Product Alert! EnerSys Extends the DSG Battery (models 4DSG-15 – 2DSG-27)


Jeff Sturgeon

Inside Sales Specialist

July 16, 2019

New Product Alert! EnerSys Extends the DSG Battery (models 4DSG-15 – 2DSG-27)

EnerSys just announced the introduction of their extended line of PowerSafe DSG batteries, a flat plate lead calcium technology designed to provide customers with space efficient stored energy solutions that meet the demanding complex duty cycles characteristic of today’s switchgear applications.

The DSG is now available in one additional four cell jar and six two-cell jar sizes offering amp hours ranging from 885 Ah to 1600 Ah. The complete DSG range is now available in various amp hour sizes from 295 Ah through 1600 Ah. The DSG is live in Battery Sizing Program (BSP) and literature can be found on EnerSys website under the DSG product page. Accessory information is also available in BSP in the same means as other flooded switchgear solutions.

The product line will be manufactured and shipped from the plant in Hays, KS under the same stringent quality requirements as all other PowerSafe batteries.

The Multi-Cell VLA jar DSG battery has several advantages which are listed below.

  • Meets utility market trend of higher capacity in smaller footprint with multi-cell jar sizes.
  • Provides the sales channel with a viable and superior smaller multi-cell footprint for utility market.
  • Replaces DX UPS batteries in utility applications.
  • Exceeds footprint of competitor’s offering for similar Ah product.
  • Extends current DSG models with 3 new jar sizes
  • 15 plate, 4 cell jar (855 amp-hour)
  • 17 & 19 plate, 2 cell jar (1053 & 1132 amp-hour)
  • 21-27 plate, 2 cell jar (1373 -1600 amp-hour)
  • Provides appropriate utility replacement for DX in switchgear applications
  • Replaces C&D’s 4LCY, LCR, and XTL in switchgear applications
  • DSG meets and/or exceeds linear footprint

Below are specs and performance on the DSG-M Series for Utility.

  • 295 to 1600 Ah to 1.75 V/C
  • Lead-Calcium Design, 20 yr Design Life
  • Individual Copper Inserted Posts allows for access/monitoring on each cell
  • 4 and 2 cell containers reduces overall battery footprint
  • Models available for 58/59 cell strings (if needed)
  • Cover – Standard FR PVC

Container – Standard SAN

Optional: Cover – FR PVC (5 – 13 plate)

Cover – FR PC (15 – 27 plate)

Optional: Containers – FR PC

The target market and customers for this product is utility transmission & generation sectors, customers seeking more Ahr in smaller rack footprint, customers wanting to replace existing 4LCY & 2LCR/LCR jars, and customers replacing DX and DXC jars in utility application.

Please reach out to me for additional information on this product.  I can provide you with DSG Range Summary, DSG Performance Specification, Generic Specification updated to include nuances of the DSG, DSG Frequently Asked Questions sheet, and pricing.

New Product Alert! EnerSys Extends the DSG Battery (models 4DSG-15 – 2DSG-27)

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Jeff Sturgeon

Inside Sales Specialist


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