Jay Carlson - Employee Spotlight


Jay Carlson, CSP

Inside Sales Specialist, IT Manager

April 8, 2021

Jay Carlson - Employee Spotlight

How long have you been with CBM?

In July, I will have been with CBM 21 years.

Jay Carlson

What is your role at CBM?

I provide Inside sales and technical support on Hoffman, Federal Signal, Sola, Talon, Flexicon and Richards. I am also our inside contact for computer and IT support.

What skills do you bring to CBM that has helped you be successful?

I actually owned my own panel shop back in the 1990’s. This really provides me with some insight to what the customers are looking for when it comes to several of the product lines we represent. I also had the opportunity of being a National Sales Manager for a systems integrator based in Kansas City. This really helped me understand the manufacturer, manufacturer’s representatives and distributor relationships. All three of these different groups of companies work together to assist our

customers in obtaining the right product for the application and at the right time.

What gives you the most satisfaction working at CBM?

There might be a few that read this and are surprised about what I like most about working at CBM. Working with and helping train new inside and outside salespeople at our distribution partners is the most satisfying to me. It can also be the most difficult as I sometimes forget that I too was new at one time and someone was there to take me under their wing and help me learn. We really want to be our partners first call they make when they need help.

What are your hobbies/interest outside of work?

I really enjoy working on home improvement projects. I just completed remodeling our kitchen and have several other tasks on the list. My family also owns a few Mini Cooper automobiles. I enjoy working on each one of them and providing the maintenance they need. My wife and I are starting to travel more, and we spend time volunteering with Artists Helping the Homeless (AHH). AHH was founded in 2008 and funds a Sunday night meal program through art events and sales for the homeless.

What is something that most people might not know about you?

I play the piano and have been involved in multiple construction trades through High School and College. Through the years I have learned enough that I could build a house by myself.

Jay Carlson - Employee Spotlight

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Jay Carlson, CSP

Inside Sales Specialist, IT Manager


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