FuturePath - Dura-Line's MicroDuct Innovation


Michael Cortese

Account Manager

October 25, 2022

FuturePath - Dura-Line's MicroDuct Innovation

Did you know it takes 7 gigabytes of data per hour to stream an online video?

Did you know that 100 million gigabytes of data are transferred by fiber housed in MicroTechnology products every second?

We are more dependent on technology and data than we've ever been. More data has been created in the last two years than ever in human history – and that trend is growing exponentially.

In an internet minute:

- 18 million texts are sent.

- 187 million emails are received.

- 500,000 tweets are posted.

- 375,000 apps are downloaded.

High-speed broadband is now a daily necessity for most of us.

Since the first image was transmitted through optical fibers in 1930, telecommunications have seen unimaginable advancements. Online streaming, video conferencing, mobile networks, smart home technology, and virtual reality are just a few examples. So how does one prepare for the growth of these technologies and new ones that are sure to follow?

One way is through the installation of Dura-Line's FuturePath products.

The FuturePath MicroDuct conduit from Dura-Line

FuturePath is two or more MicroDucts bundled into an easy-to-handle polyethylene oversheath. MicroDucts are smaller diameter conduits that provide a pathway for fiber cables. FuturePath can be installed just like a standard duct: open trench, aerial, directional drilled, plowed or pulled into an existing conduit. When branching individual MicroDucts, there is no need for a special branching box, and no special tools or equipment are required for installation. FuturePath ensures multiple pathways are in place for future growth.

FuturePath Hybrid is a FuturePath configuration consisting of two or more different sizes of conduit and/or MicroDucts. FuturePath Hybrid is perfect for customers who need to run micro cables and larger standard fiber cables simultaneously or want to plan for future possibilities.

Visit Dura-Line Academy for courses on Dura-Line's MicroTechnology products and installation procedures.

For more information about Dura-Line products and services, please contact your local CBM representative or click on any of the links below.

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FuturePath - Dura-Line's MicroDuct Innovation

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Michael Cortese

Account Manager


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