Duraline HDPE - Why Use High Density Polyethylene


Marlene Casillo, CSP

Inside Sales Specialist

March 22, 2022

Duraline HDPE - Why Use High Density Polyethylene

High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) duct houses and protects fiber optic and metal cables in the Telecommunications, CATV, and Electric Power industries. It is available in coils, on reels, and in sticks.

HDPE is not the same as PVC.

HDPE comes in many different sizes, from MicroDucts used in microtechnology to huge pipes used in various applications. For the Communications and Electric Power markets, the typical dimensions for the standard duct are ½” up to 6”.

Wall ratings refer to the thickness of the wall  Examples of the different wall ratings are SDR 9, SCH 40, SDR 11, SCH 80, SDR 13.5, and many more  SDR is the Standard Dimension Ratio  It is the nominal outside diameter of the duct divided by the minimum wall thickness  The larger the SDR number, the thinner the wall thickness.

The wall options available are smooth outside/smooth inside, smooth outside/ribbed inside, ribbed out/ribbed, and corrugated for pulling through the existing conduit.

Other options are UL Listed product for power applications, UV Protectant, a tracer wire pre-installed in the duct, a reliable method for locating buried duct, and a Figure-8 aerial conduit.

There are many colors available  Orange is the standard color for Telecommunications  Black with red stripes is seen more in the Electrical market. Different color stripes on the product are available as well. The purpose of the different colors of HDPE is to identify what is installed inside the duct.

Pull tape or rope is the traditional method of installing cable in conduit by attaching the pull line (tape) to the cable and pulling the cable into the conduit  The HDPE may be supplied with a pre-installed pull tape  It is available in pull strengths from 500 lb to 6,000 lb tensile strength.

HDPE is a flexible and resilient material. It provides superior resistance to natural or mechanical damage and has excellent low-temperature properties to handle cold weather.

For additional questions, or to order HDPE for your next project, contact your local CBM rep today.

Duraline HDPE - Why Use High Density Polyethylene

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Marlene Casillo, CSP

Inside Sales Specialist


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