Dura-Line Couplers - Easily Join Conduits and MicroDucts


Bill Gadberry, CSP

Account Manager

February 8, 2022

Dura-Line Couplers - Easily Join Conduits and MicroDucts

Dura-Line offers a complete line of Accessories for Conduit Installation. Couplers, with properties designed for air-jetting, plow chutes, directional boring, and other installations, quickly join lengths of Conduits and MicroDucts. Lubricants in various formulations, including high performance in cold weather, aid in cable placement. MicroAccessories include couplers, end caps, and specialty items designed to perform with MicroDucts and FuturePath. In addition, Bull-Line Pull Tape can help install both conduit and cables inside conduit.

The selection of a coupler is critical because it is located where the cable is the most vulnerable – at the joint.  Our most popular couplers are the Shur-Lock II, the Clear-Lock, and the Push-Lock, which offer air and water-tight connection to protect your assets.

Shur-Lock II is typically thought of as our best offering when it comes to couplers, and it’s going to be your best option if you’re unsure of which coupler to choose.  This plastic coupler is designed for coupling HDPE & PVC conduit, but the Shur-Lock II can also be used to couple dissimilar conduits such as HDPE to PVC, threaded or non-threaded metal conduit, or fiberglass (FRP) conduit. The coupler features stainless steel band clamps (hand tightened using a 5/16" nut driver) and a locking ring—a pre-lubricated O-ring forms an airtight seal to withstand 125 psi.

One person can install the Shur-Lock II is re-enterable with no special tools required.  It’s airtight and watertight with excellent pull-out strength on HDPE, PVC, FRP, and steel.  For working in confined areas, a No-Stop version is available to allow the coupler to be parked out of the way on one side of the conduit during installation.

The Clear-Lock and Push-Lock are also great coupler options.  Both offer a fast and easy installation by simply pushing the duct ends into the coupler for a locked and air-sealed assembly that one person can easily do. In addition, both couplers are re-enterable and suitable for both cable pulling and jetting applications.

The Clear-Lock is slightly superior to the Push-Lock because of its clear midsection, which provides visibility during installation to ensure the pipe within the coupler has been properly seated.  Both are compact, but the Clear-Lock is slightly shorter than the Push-Lock and ideal for pull boxes, vaults, or other limited access areas.  The Push-Lock’s advantage is that it is offered in a few more sizes than the Clear-Lock. In addition, the non-metallic construction of both provides excellent corrosion resistance in buried or encased applications and desirable dielectric properties.

Dura-Line also offers a Split-Lock coupler, ArmorGuard Kit, E-Loc and E-Loc Plus (a low-cost PVC coupler option), and a compression coupler.  The Shur-Lock II, Clear-Lock, and Push-Lock remain superior, but we are happy to help meet your needs whichever way we can.

Dura-Line’s MicroAccessories are available for any installation with FuturePath or MicroDucts. Our product line of MicroAccessories includes couplers, end caps, cutters, and even splice kits specifically designed for your FuturePath configuration.

Lubricants, Bull-Line Pull Tape, and Tools are all available through Dura-Line to assist you with every aspect of your installation.

Let CBM assist you throughout your entire conduit installation process, and contact your local CBM Account Manager today.

Dura-Line Couplers - Easily Join Conduits and MicroDucts

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Bill Gadberry, CSP

Account Manager


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