Duct Spacers from Formex - A Simple Solution for Cable Management


Will Tucker

Account Manager

April 19, 2022

Duct Spacers from Formex - A Simple Solution for Cable Management

Sometimes a simple solution is what you need. Duct spacers are one such product that is an unsung hero on CBM’s line card. The Duct Spacer from Formex is a simple, affordable solution for underground cable management. But, first, let’s explain the application and what sets the Formex product apart from the competition.

Spacer Application

Duct spacers are designed to temporarily support an array of ducts within a trench until they can be filled with grout or similar suitable fill material. They also maintain accurate duct separation and alignment, promoting reduced pulling tension.

The spacer provides for independent support and separation of each duct. Ample openings for concrete flow is part of the spacer’s modular design. In addition, Formex®’s flexible design allows you to use less trench space and grout.

Optional foot pads assure specified vertical separation between the trench floor and the bottom of the first duct tier.  Duct spacers produced by Formex®, in combination with vertical reinforcing rods and metal collars, provide an effective means for splaying from duct bank to vault or manhole. Vertical spreads to get over obstructions can also easily be accomplished.

With Formex® interlocking module, duct spacers, sweeps, and bends are assembled much faster and easier, and when locked into position, they stay put.

conduit laid in a trench using formex duct spacers

Construction of the Product

Duct spacers produced by Formex® are unaffected by extremes of temperature and virtually unbreakable, due in part to the material used to make them.

Formex® begins with two sheets of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and makes spacers to the customer’s specifications by a molding process which makes possible a rugged double-wall construction with an exclusive interlocking design, eliminating the need for a banding duct tier.

Job studies have proven use of this spacer results in lower overall costs.

For more information or to purchase this product contact us.

Duct Spacers from Formex - A Simple Solution for Cable Management

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Will Tucker

Account Manager


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