CBM Represented at Kansas Municipal Utility Ops and Tech Conference


Bill Gadberry, CSP

Account Manager

March 29, 2022

CBM Represented at Kansas Municipal Utility Ops and Tech Conference

CBM was proud to represent our manufacturers at the recent Kansas Municipal Utility Ops and Tech Conference in McPherson, KS.  We were thrilled to showcase the latest technology our lines have to offer and to have the opportunity to help our customers in so many different ways.

I had the opportunity to discuss Siemens CMR with customers, which helps customers reduce the amount of oil on their system as a drop-in OCR replacement.  The CMR also helps customers reduce their O&M costs required with OCRs.

EnerSys batteries are always on display as our top-tier battery solution.  EnerSys has all of your utility battery needs covered, from substation switchgear and communications batteries to UPS, and CBM is proud to represent them.

AEL’s upgraded Watchlight now packs even more of a punch for your security lighting needs with a lumen per watt rating exceeding 150 LPW with specific packages.  AEL’s cost-effective NEMA security light solution was designed to address customers' needs - low initial cost, low energy cost, and no maintenance.

PLP’s vise-top insulators were a big hit with their universal insert, which allows customers to utilize the same insulator for multiple cable types and leads to reduced inventory.  The pin-type tie-top polymer insulator and Coyote OPGW closure were also proudly on display.

Dura-Line’s FuturePath is another excellent fit for our municipal customers and helps customers “future-proof” their system while upgrading their facilities.  FuturePath contains a combination of ducts and microducts that can be leased to other customers running fiber in the future and helps them avoid costly installs associated with trenching their duct.

The Richards 600A Cold-Shrink Hammerhead elbow was also on display.  This CSH is an engineering genius that reduces install time on 600A t-bodies by reducing the number of components to be installed and simplifying the cold shrink process.  Even if you’re not regularly installing 600A T-bodies, you won’t forget how easy it is to install the Richards CSH t-body.

One of my favorite solutions to teach municipal utilities is the TransGard Bird Laser.  It never fails to catch a couple of eyes and is your premier solution to keep birds out of your substation.  Coverups can protect some critical points on your substation equipment, but it doesn’t alleviate all of the problems associated with birds like feces and snakes hunting for bird eggs.  TransGard’s Bird Laser helps alleviate these problems altogether by keeping the birds out of your substation in the first place.

Last but certainly not least, the powerful Utilco In-Line Cutting tool was on display.  Utilco’s battery-powered hydraulic cutters run off the Milwaukee battery platform and can produce up to 9.2 tons of force with their ASCR in-line cutter. In addition, the ASCR cutter can cut up to 556 ACSR, and their copper/aluminum cutters are capable of cutting up to 1000kcmil.

I want to thank KMU again for hosting a fantastic event and for all the municipal utilities who attended and stopped by the CBM booth.  It’s great to teach customers about the latest utility solutions and technology, and we can’t wait to see you at the next KMU event.

If you have questions about any of the products in this article feel free to contact us!

CBM Represented at Kansas Municipal Utility Ops and Tech Conference

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Bill Gadberry, CSP

Account Manager


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