CBM Invests in the PLP Training and Demonstration Trailer


Michael Cortese

Account Manager

June 5, 2023

CBM Invests in the PLP Training and Demonstration Trailer

For over 65 years, CBM has represented the leading manufacturers in the Utility, Commercial & Industrial and Communications Markets. Representing our manufacturers well includes educating and training our end users and distribution partners in the use of the products we represent. The PLP Training and Demonstration Trailer is an investment CBM has made toward that goal and an example of the seriousness with which we take it.

Preformed Line Products, now known as PLP, has been manufacturing electrical and fiber products for over 75 years and is one of the most well-known CBM lines.  Featuring items like Armor Rods, WRAPLOCK ties, and COYOTE Closures & Splice Cases, their products are ubiquitous, and they take the education of their end users as seriously as CBM does.

The PLP Training and Demonstration Trailer is designed to not only showcase and demonstrate PLP Products, but also allow our linemen friends to practice proper installation techniques in a completely safe environment.  It features three de-energized conductors and a variety of interchangeable insulators to closely mimic real-world conditions.

Training sessions are planned to last just under an hour and can be scheduled for breakfast meetings or Lunch & Learns to provide minimal interference to the workday. However, the sessions often run over time with many linemen taking the opportunity for hands-on training. Another interesting aspect of the training is how willing the more tenured linemen are to share their knowledge and experience with the newer members of the crew.

While a majority of the PLP Training sessions take place with our IOU, Co-op, and Municipality electricians, CBM also believes in training the next generation.  We are a regular part of the curriculum at the Association of Missouri ElectricCooperatives Overhead School.  This year’s class was attended by almost 50 line workers representing over 20 Missouri Co-ops.  In April, we taught safe and correct PLP installation techniques to over 30 students at Linn StateTechnical College.

The PLP Trailer can often be seen at trade shows and linemen’s rodeos, where we enjoy meeting people and giving away prizes for those that can demonstrate good installation techniques.  We recently attended the Linemen’s Rodeo hosted by the American Public Power Association in Kansas City, KS.  In September, PLP Armor Rod and tie installation will be part of the competition at the AMEC Linemen’s Rodeo in Jefferson City, MO, so get ready!

For more information about PLP products or to arrange a CBM Training session for your team, please contact your CBM representative or click on any of the links below.


ARMOR RODS - Installation Overview

WRAPLOCK® Tie VIDEO A.P. - Hand Application

CBM Invests in the PLP Training and Demonstration Trailer

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Michael Cortese

Account Manager


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